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WORDPRESS finds itself caught up fire-storm for censoring news sites, blogs and Wikis

Pro-Hillary, Pro-Obama WordPress has been censoring and killing indie news sites in bulk volumes if those news sites publish any indie news articles that are not the George Soros “Party Line”. Here is some of the latest blow-back: ________ “Friends- It has come to our attention that tens of thousands of independent news sites, like … Continue reading

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  • Few noticed, but Congress just banned restaurants from skimming tips
    submitted by /u/Diazepam [link] [comments]
  • Father gets 60 years for trying to sell 4-year-old daughter for sex
    submitted by /u/Mirrorimage83 [link] [comments]
  • French officer who swapped places with a hostage in terror attack dies
    submitted by /u/shinra07 [link] [comments]
  • Designers of water slide that decapitated boy 'had no technical qualifications'
    submitted by /u/Norn-Iron [link] [comments]
  • March for Our Lives: hundreds of thousands demand end to gun violence – live
    submitted by /u/LeafSamurai [link] [comments]
  • Dalai Lama cancels all foreign travel due to age and exhaustion
    submitted by /u/Neirdark [link] [comments]
  • Black Lives Matter protesters block Sacramento freeway after shooting of unarmed black man
    submitted by /u/DooDooDoodle [link] [comments]
  • 35-year-old Man gets life term for raping, impregnating 14-year-old daughter
    submitted by /u/Prettygame4Ausername [link] [comments]
  • Pastor gets 99 years in boy's starvation death
    submitted by /u/discocrisco [link] [comments]
  • Small Michigan town with high rates of cancer and rare diseases looking at factory waste as the cause.
    submitted by /u/Qtsan [link] [comments]
  • FL Gov. Rick Scott signed off on legislation that would allow the state of Florida to remain on daylight saving time year-round.
    submitted by /u/phuckyouverymuch [link] [comments]
  • As YouTube bans firearms demonstrations, Utah firm launching its own pro-gun video platform
    submitted by /u/tipsytapir [link] [comments]
  • Colorado among first states to give consumers the right to store energy from alternative sources. A new right — the ability to store energy without discrimination in rates or excessive barriers in connecting to the grid
    submitted by /u/surlyq [link] [comments]
  • Mother crashed car into pole to prove to kids God is real, police say
    submitted by /u/redhatGizmo [link] [comments]
  • White House announces ban on most transgender service members
    submitted by /u/Cranyx [link] [comments]
  • Three students in custody, one found with firearm at Arroyo High School
    submitted by /u/nosotros_road_sodium [link] [comments]

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