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WORDPRESS finds itself caught up fire-storm for censoring news sites, blogs and Wikis

Pro-Hillary, Pro-Obama WordPress has been censoring and killing indie news sites in bulk volumes if those news sites publish any indie news articles that are not the George Soros “Party Line”. Here is some of the latest blow-back: ________ “Friends- It has come to our attention that tens of thousands of independent news sites, like … Continue reading

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  • Top Female Chief Quits, Accusing N.Y.P.D. of Widespread Gender Bias
    submitted by /u/Rogerstonetwitter [link] [comments]
  • Cities cannot fine homeless people for living outside, U.S. judge rules in Grants Pass case
    submitted by /u/diadectes [link] [comments]
  • A man faces hate crime charges after feds say he burned a cross and displayed a swastika to intimidate his Black neighbor
    submitted by /u/dlkapt3 [link] [comments]
  • Using marijuana in pregnancy may heighten baby's risk of autism
    submitted by /u/I_could_agree_more [link] [comments]
  • Transport Canada says if you can't wear a mask for medical reasons, prove it — or don't fly
    submitted by /u/reportersarah [link] [comments]
  • Court: LA County owes $8M to man killed like George Floyd
    submitted by /u/Upset-Pumpkin [link] [comments]
  • Seattle Police chief announces her retirement after city council votes to cut the police budget by nearly $4 million
    submitted by /u/DijonMustard456 [link] [comments]
  • Black Teens Held at Gunpoint by Deputies in Santa Clarita Say They are the Ones Who Called for Help
    submitted by /u/stem12345679 [link] [comments]
  • Lebanese security officials warned the prime minister and president last month that 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate stored in Beirut’s port posed a security risk and could destroy the capital if it exploded.
    submitted by /u/Nouraleen [link] [comments]
  • Police: Sesame Place employee assaulted over face mask
    submitted by /u/caesar____augustus [link] [comments]
  • Uber and Lyft must classify drivers as employees, judge rules, in blow to gig economy
    submitted by /u/gharrity [link] [comments]
  • Admitted KKK leader who drove through crowd of protesters found guilty on multiple charges
    submitted by /u/ety3rd [link] [comments]
  • Video shows Key West police officers handcuff, arrest 8-year-old boy
    submitted by /u/BearsNecessity [link] [comments]
  • Man seen in area of homemade explosive at Portland protest ID’ed as ex-Navy SEAL
    submitted by /u/Elementlegen [link] [comments]
  • Confirmed Coronavirus Cases in U.S. Children Rose by 40% in Two Weeks This July, Bringing the Total to Almost 340,000
    submitted by /u/Exastiken [link] [comments]
  • Florida's Covid-19 cases in children have increased 137% in past month
    submitted by /u/Almighty_One [link] [comments]

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