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“High Society” and “Class-Restrictive” Social Programming

Are you buying into the ” elite society trap”. What are the worst manifestations of Eugenics?
Try to avoid being sucked into the “Golden Ratio” programming.

Amber- Creating an Aryan society is a bad thing that yuppie society groups do to young people to condition them to perform a worker function for corporations by using them in a controlled manner to play out prescribed duties to enrich the bosses and the expense of the souls of the men and women who buy-in.”

Randy- “Sororities teach racist, role-manipulated objectified modeling for women which Fraternities teach objectification, manipulation and mercenary life process. Why do we still have them exactly?”

Becky- “Each city has a “Training Ground”. The Training Ground (Ie: San Francisco’s Marina District) is where fraternity boys and sorority girls live in a cluster so they can reinforce their sense of privilege together. The younger ones go to Chestnut Street, the next older ones (yuppies) to Union St and they move up the hill to Pacific Heights as they get old. When “they” say those areas are “really nice”, they mean that there is no cultural diversity and that everyone looks just like them with small sharp facial features and blonde or black hair. They have “business clubs” called which make sure that they only do business with each other and don’t mix races or non-frat-house people into business deals. On a Saturday morning, if you go to Rose’s Cafe on Union Street, you will see that everyone looks the same, has the same haircut and the same attitude. They have either nordic or mediterranean features with small upturned noses. They raise their eyebrows and exaggerate their facial expressions as often as possible in order to appear to be interesting. They smile at each other but look through those who do not match the profile.”

Paula tells us: “Fraternities and Sororities exist to breed genetic model ideals. “Ivy-League” schools exist for rich families and family-controlled business to control mating limits. Parents of women who are “sent to” Ivy League schools want those women to get the “Mrs.”   and not their “Master’s,” in many cases. They say it is about “marrying your peers” yet most men from Ivy League schools turn into abusers, white collar felons and buy at least 4 mistresses and treat women as trophy wife property. The “Greek System” was created by rich families to keep the “breeds pure”and the money in the most closely held loop”

Delianne writes: “Stanford University went to great lengths to promote “proper” in-breeding and University Avenue hook-ups with the right students from the right Greek systems, I feel used and abused by what they did to me now.”

Randy Says: “Sororities & Frat houses create a stirring call for the genetically gifted to band together and form an Aryan-like Master Race. Retrogressive image-controlled mating is the target of Yale, Stanford, Princeton and similar puppy farms for yuppies. Women who have idealized model-like faces are emotionally punished if they do not date a guy who has GQ-looking aquiline facial features. Those women who do not have such features are encouraged to get surgically cut and modified to try to achieve them. Then they are all locked in a bubble to avoid outside perceptions, depth or any awareness further than 2 feet from their Land-Rover or BMW. If you don’t have the Playboy/GQ “look” it is off to the social ovens for you.”

Della says: “Owners of companies in the Ivy-League breeding pond will not hire those who do not have the plastic yuppie/hipster/Master Race “look” for fear of tainting the pond because everyone sleeps with each other at yuppie start-ups.”

Penny Writes: “Susan Patton’s famous letter in the daily Princetonian telling girls to bag one in an Ivy League school or you will be left out of the good breeding stock, The Atlantic article on “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All”, and the “Lean In” controversy show that we have a long way to go.”

Dane– “Almost every executive that was arrested in the last 15 years was in a Fraternity. Almost every abuse divorce lawsuit in the last 20 years was with a guy that was in a Fraternity. .. so why are they such a good catch?”

Stocker says: Everybody in the Guardsmen and the Spinsters that I ever met, that got married had a mistress on the side or got into white collar anti-anxiety drug addiction. Nobody survived that routine yet everyone of them fakes it until the cows come home and they tell everyone, in public, that everything is “perfect”. The main rule is: “Do all the evil you want, use each other as career tools but never, ever, ever let it show in public”. Stepford Wives are the result.

Darlene says: “Yuppie guys gain power at work, and personal ego-maniac points by showing how much they can cheat and not get caught. The handsomer they are, the more they cheat because they know they can and want to always prove it to themselves and their bros. Marry an ugly guy if you want fidelity”.

A recent joking notice, posted online, carries much truth in it, relative to social programming:

“Are you a robotic mercenary Stanford Yuppie who needs De-Programming? Were you turned into a robotic San Francisco Marina Yuppie by Stanford brainwashing?

You need to hurry and undo the stereotype externalizations and mental aberrations that Stanford brainwashing may have programmed into you. How do you know if you need such classes? Here are the signs:

1. Do you live in the Marina District in San Francisco? The Marina is where fraternity boys and sorority girls live in a cluster so they can reinforce their sense of privilege together. The younger ones go to Chestnut Street, the next older ones (yuppies) to Union St and they move up the hill to Pacific Heights as they get old. When “they” say those areas are “really nice”, they mean that there is no cultural diversity and that everyone looks just like them with small sharp facial features and blonde or black hair. They have “business clubs” called which make sure that they only do business with each other and don’t mix races or non-frat-house people into business deals.

2. Are your facial features small in size and perfectly balanced? Have you had plastic surgery to make them look even more so or died your hair and eyebrows to the darkest or lightest colors you can? Equilateral facial features are very important to those of our station.

3. Are your parents rich and did they go to fraternities and sororities?

4. Are you and your frat buddies the only ones able to get money from the venture capitalists for your start-ups because you and they can exchange the secret Stanford handshake?

5. If you are a guy do you see women as objects to be used to demonstrate your position over other men in your Stanford Club?

6. If you are a woman do you sit in your junior league meetings and wonder which Stanford/Guardsman guy you can bag as a husband so you never have to work again? Do you wonder how quick you can get him to have an affair so you can get a great alimony deal?

7. Does the most important location in your life have the word “brewing company” in it’s name?

8. Are you unable to interact with humans on a one-to-one basis, must you always be in a group of Stanford people with beers in order to communicate? Can you laugh on que?

9. Do you drive a BMW?

10. Do you have a fanatic interest in sports but can’t explain why?

11. Do you judge others mostly by how much money they have? Do you try to appear to have as much money as possible?

12. Do you think Berkeley (Cal) University is a “bunch of filthy hippies”?

13. Do you feel like a robot that was cloned by a machine to support its infrastructure?

14. Do those around you discourage you from dating anyone who does not have the “Stanford Look” or the “Stanford way of thinking”?

15. Did Stanford make you live on campus so you wouldn’t cross-breed with any families who were not from the “proper list” of families. Did they do anything possible to keep you from seeing anybody in East Palo Alto?

16. Do you make exaggerated facial expressions of fake interest and false excitement and then does your face suddenly go blank like a robot when you think nobody is looking?”

Rogerson says: “At our Frat House at Stanford they bring mini-buses out at night and we send them to Stanford Sorority Houses to pick up hot girls who are very drunk. The administration at Stanford supports the buses because they say it “prevents drunk driving”, but everybody knows it is to keep the “right girls” on the “right guys” from the big families. The girls get on the buses because they want to be in the in-crowd who gets to sleep with Stanford Bachelors for their careers. The Sorority leaders never let the “wrong looking girls” (non-preppy/non-cheerleader looking girls) into the Sororities, so the bloodlines are kept pure.”

Ronnie-lynn- “Banks and rich family political shills have been brainwashing us to get pregnant, have families and get in debt to them with credit cards and mortgages. Having kids makes you get more in debt. Don’t buy into the domestic bank-wash. You do not need to have kids.  You do not need to get married. This is the way that banks run the country. Don’t be a sucker”

Here is an actual secret “instruction book” from one of the Sororities at Boston University “social training class”:

–  Do not support fat people. They are not viable.

– Use make-up to hide your natural non-equilateral aspects.

– Keep the shine down. It is so important to keep the shine down in the ever-troublesome T-zone – the top of your nose and your forehead. While this especially important on a warm day, even the coolest among us may get a little sweaty when faced with public viewing. We do not shine.

– Use make-up to hide skin redness. Learn to embrace your pure white or pure tan skin tone.

– Brush your hair into place. Frizzy or loose hairs can appear messy. On the other hand, the hair should not be apparent–not slicked down thin against the skull and then behind the neck in a ponytail. Never allow Frizz.

– Keep your face in equilibrium. Look at your face in the mirror. That’s not actually the face which shows when people look at you. Now stare at your own reflection. After some time your face will reach its “normal” appearance, your “equilibrium” face. Now deactivate your eye region and activate your lip region. Don’t clench your teeth; just make sure that your upper and lower jaw molars
touch each other. If you smile with your mouth open, don’t let your upper lip expose much of your gums, or let your lower lip cover far over the bottom of your upper teeth. Always smile if your complexion is dark or dull and your smile should be a slight one. At the same time, stress the corners of your eyes and raise your eyebrows a little. Practice this exercise every day before mirror for
a few minutes. Associate with those with equal facial equilibrium.

– Arrange your body three quarters towards others with one foot in front of the other and one shoulder closer to the viewer than the other. Women tend to do this naturally, but it’s harder for men, who tend to present a square angle front-on to the other because they are animals and like to confront other men. If you turn your head slightly to the side and look straight ahead, you will
appear to be looking straight at the viewer no matter the viewing angle (like George Washington on the US one dollar bill).

– If sitting, slightly angle yourself.

– Lean slightly toward the other person; it adds interest, improves facial definition and helps to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and flabby skin. Just keep your chin tucked down. Yuppies hate flappy chins. Get rid of a double chin. Tilt your head up slightly and try to position yourself so that the other person is a little above, or at, your eye level. This will hide a double chin effectively. You can also put one hand under your chin as though you’re resting your head on your hand (keep the thumb side of your hand out of the other
person’s view, if possible). Don’t actually rest any weight on the hand, however, or you will push the skin into an unflattering position. Also, try resting your tongue against the roof of your mouth.

– Focus on your posture. Not only does this matter for how others see you but daily good posture makes everything easier in life, including your confidence. Good posture can dramatically improve your appearance in pictures. Sitting or standing up straight will make you look healthier and more alert and, if in a group setting, and more attractive than your slouching companions. Breathe
normally and relax your shoulders. If you usually have bad posture, it may be difficult to stand up straight and not look stiff, so practice this in the mirror, working toward improving your posture in the long term.

– When smiling, try a relaxed closed-mouth smile or an open-mouth smile with the lower lip relaxed and down, not up for a smile that gets oddly narrower toward the middle–practice in front of a mirror.  If you know a person is about to look at you, take a deep breath and exhale naturally, relaxing your arms and shoulders. As you exhale, smile or strike whatever pose is appropriate. Don’t
hold your breath, either in or out, otherwise you’ll appear as though you’re tense or suffocating .If you see the other person about to look at you too late, don’t panic and try to strike a pose. Keep doing what you’re doing. It may not turn out perfectly, but you’ve got a better chance than if the other person catches you quickly trying to change your facial expression.Relax your lip (mouth) region and don’t have any delirious thoughts filled with gloom. It’s a natural way to appear fresh and appealing in life.Don’t be so relaxed that you appear distracted. Distraction or annoyance always shows to the other person.

– Don’t have any tattoos; they just show that you will have sex with anybody or do drugs all the time. If you are a girl you can get a “tramp stamp” as long as it is classy if you are only trying to be a trophy wife so you can divorce and get alimony.

– Do not read the news. It will just upset you. Don’t think about upsetting things or it will show on your face and you will be less popular. Do not watch TV news or read the papers. Reading the social columns is essential, though. Know who is hot and who you need to be seen with.

– Smile with your eyes. Nothing projects happiness and beauty like smiling eyes: a happy, somewhat mischievous expression of the eyes. To achieve this effect, ALWAYS imagine that every other person is someone you have a crush on walking into the room. This will create wider open eyes and a relaxed, three-quarter smile. Think about your crush or lover; this will make you blush making your cheeks rosy red. Chances are you unconsciously do this all the time; the trick is to be able to bring it out on demand, so practice the smiling eyes in front of a mirror, and creating a smile “trigger”.Fake it till you make it. Pretend like you are hot for everybody no matter how much they disgust you.

– Try to get one eyebrow to go up whenever you pretend to be interested in what others say.

– Watch Jennifer Aniston on TV and copy every facial expression she does. She is the queen of fake facial expression. Do everything she does every chance you get.

If you do these things. Everybody will love you and you will be able to work downtown at an investment bank.

Dana- “Stanford chooses you based on your face and your family connections. You can go to Stanford if you look like a fashion model and/or have sharp angled looks and a severe facial expression. You can go to Stanford if you want to be a mechanical yuppie. You can go to Stanford if you want to marry a fashion model, have sex with them for 4 years and then divorce them (while taking their money if they are a guy). You can go to Stanford if you are a child of the rich Illuminati families or a wanna-be from a family that got a windfall. You can go to Stanford if you look like a cheerleader and are willing to get shuttle-bussed from frat house to frat house on weekends to get drunk, drugged-up and date raped. You can go to Stanford if you want to be a money grubbing elitist. You can go to Stanford if you are white (you can also go if you help them meet their non-white quota but you will always be treated by the yuppies as an outsider). You can go to Stanford if you were “popular” in school, have rich parents and see life at the campus sports beer hall as essential to your values. You can’t date anybody at Stanford or any Ivy League school unless you look like you just walked out of a Bennetton Ad. Stanfordees are required to Wear clothes that are considered business casual. These are usually khakis and polo shirts for men and slacks or skirts with two-piece sweater tops for women. Women do have a greater variety available to them, but they must see someone else wearing an outfit before it can be worn by a true yuppie who is a conformist. They must spend money on an expensive watch and make sure that your sleeves are always rolled up enough for people to see it. Other expensive, yet demure jewelry such as pearls or small diamonds are also acceptable for yuppies to wear. They must look for outfits that have a lot of pastel in them. Yuppies do not like to stand out with bold colors. They may end up making an unintentional statement. Straighten your hair. Men and women should have neat straight hair that doesn’t need too much hair product. Men can wear baseball caps and do not get hat hair when they take them off. Women may wear ball caps if their hair is long enough and they can stick a ponytail out the hole in the back. Carry a sweater with you by draping it over your shoulders and tying the arms loosely around the front. This should look very casual as if you put it there without a lot of though. And the sweater should never fall off or hang crooked. Yype for hours on your laptops, writing a novel that you want EVERYONE at Starbucks to be interested in. Wear stylish black glasses, slim black clothing, tote yoga mats, and big bulky colored scarves reYougardless of the temperature outside.”

Rhonda-  I got suckered into this system. Our parents pressure us into the Sororities.The Sorority system has been developed for the purpose of  training and pacifying attractive women to act as sexual resources and trophy wives for the rewarding of our male corporate execitive staff and leaders in order to maintain the corporate flow of manpower. At Stanford and Boston U the Frat houses had mini vans that would go around and pick up loads of girls from the houses to take to the guys so they could get them drunk and date rape them. It is known by the Deans and not only tolerated, but encouraged, because ” we have to keep the boys happy.” .

Read More From Public Postings…


At the University of Alabama’s traditionally white sororities, including Pi Beta Phi, no black woman has made it through recruitment since 2003. Sororities practice the worst forms of Eugenics in all parts of the country but the worst offenders are “Ivy League” campuses.

September 12, 2013

On the campus of the University of Alabama, accusations that traditionally white sorority chapters had turned down an apparently impeccable candidate simply because she was black hardly came as a surprise.

The surprise was that it was sorority members — and not the candidate herself — who made the allegations, saying that in some cases they were pressured by alumnae to turn her down.

The allegations, reported on Wednesday in the student newspaper The Crimson White, were based on the account of Melanie Gotz, a member of Alpha Gamma Delta, and members of several other sororities who remained anonymous. In the report, parts of which were corroborated by sorority members, many students said they were open to recruiting the young woman, whose family has asked that she not be named; she is the stepdaughter of a state legislator and stepgranddaughter of a former State Supreme Court justice and current trustee of the university.

The members said they were pressured by outsiders, including a case in which, The Crimson White reported, the recruit was dropped from consideration at the insistence of a volunteer sorority adviser who also works for the university.

Stephannie Bailey, the executive director of Alpha Gamma Delta, said in an e-mail that the organization was “actively investigating” the situation for violations of its antidiscrimination policy.

Deborah M. Lane, a spokeswoman for the university administration, which has been criticized in the past for not doing enough about segregation within the Greek system, said that the university has been working with the organizations “to remove any barriers that prevent young women” from “making the choices they want to make.” She also said that these groups “determine their own membership selection processes and expect their members to follow their procedures during recruitment.”

Gov. Robert Bentley, who earned his undergraduate degree at Alabama, referred to the controversy on Thursday, saying to a television news reporter that universities could put pressure on the Greek system to integrate. He said that his wife, also an Alabama graduate, blamed the alumnae. “Personally, I think they need to change their attitude,” the governor said.

Ms. Gotz did not return a message seeking comment.

The news about the young woman, who was among several black women to go through this year’s recruitment process unsuccessfully, had been whispered around the Tuscaloosa campus in recent weeks. Students said they were unsurprised, even 50 years after Gov. George Wallace’s stand for segregation in the schoolhouse door and the university’s careful efforts to improve its reputation.

Black students have occasionally tried to join the traditionally white sororities, but these attempts have mostly gone nowhere. No black woman has made it through the recruitment process since 2003.

One biracial student on campus, who asked not to be identified, described her disappointment when she was turned down during a previous year. “I was surprised when it happened because I really thought I was going to be the exception,” she said, adding that members later told her in private, “It wasn’t our decision to cut you.”

Katie Jernigan, a junior from Panama City, Fla., expressed little surprise.

“Every year, The C.W. comes out with basically the same story,” she said, referring to The Crimson White. “A lot of the students want to do something about it, but there’s just a lot of red tape from older people.”

Like many on campus, Ms. Jernigan was most struck by the fact that a sorority member was willing to speak out publicly, with others backing her up.

The weakening grip of tradition at Alabama may be inevitable. In 2012, for the first time, more than half of the incoming freshmen were from out of state.

“I really think it’s hard for Alabamians to envision how peculiar our traditions seem to outsiders,” said Andrew Grace, who teaches documentary filmmaking at Alabama.

As an example of how significant a departure from tradition the Crimson White article represents, Mr. Grace pointed out that it ran on the cover on the 100th birthday of the revered Alabama football coach, Bear Bryant.


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