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Sex For Cash happens more in Silicon Valley Than Any other city in USA


FBI/DOJ Call Apple Liars and Hypsters; accuse Apple of ‘Corrosive’ manipulation of media to save dying company

Apple: DOJ ‘desperate,’ brief reads like indictment Jacob Pramuk | @jacobpramuk   The Justice Department on Thursday filed its latest response to Apple in the fight over iPhone encryption, calling the tech giant’s rhetoric in the San Bernardino, California, case “false” and “corrosive” of institutions that safeguard rights. The debate surrounds whether Apple should comply … Continue reading

The Joe Lonsdale Silicon Valley VC Rape Case

The Sickening Rape Allegations Against a Silicon Valley Mogul By Jessica Roy Share Tweet Share Email Comment Print Photo: Brian Ach/Getty Images Last week, 24-year-old Elise Clougherty, a Stanford neuro-engineering graduate and former Ford print model, filed a lawsuit against Joseph Lonsdale, a powerful Silicon Valley entrepreneur who, along with Peter Thiel, co-founded the secretive … Continue reading

Do Girls with tattoos have more indiscriminate sex?

(OPINION) By Saly Slave Girls with tattoos are pretty dumb. If you are a girl with a tattoo you are broadcasting two VERY SPECIFIC THINGS to the world: #1. I am dumb #2. I am more likely to have sex with you without thinking about it. Girls with tattoos get tattoos because their idiot girlfriends … Continue reading

The Madness of Web Dating

So you let your parents dump you on a yuppie scumbag who followed all the rules (listed here) after you followed all of the rules (listed here) and now you are baffled about what the deal is. This has happened so many thousands of times that Mill Valley has caused a center to be built … Continue reading

How sexual attraction actually works and how you can use it!

The Science of Sex Appeal, one of the most important series you will ever watch if you are dating: http://dsc.discovery.com/videos/science-of-sex-appeal/  http://youtu.be/MVhKSzSpXMA http://youtu.be/1JSqpCjbdcM http://youtu.be/ILNeqodG2Hc http://youtu.be/kcTWKdrJ3LE

How to prepare yourself to be an Internet gold-digger

What do girls do before they get to Mill Valley? How do they prepare? It’s the Economy, Girlfriend By RAVI SOMAIYA The economic crisis came home to 27-year-old Megan Petrus early last year when her boyfriend of eight months, a derivatives trader for a major bank, proved to be more concerned about helping a laid-off … Continue reading

Eugenics and Facial-Racism In Dating

How do you know you are a nightmare of a person? How do you know if you are a tool? Send us tips. Here are some submissions from our readers: Paula tells us: “Fraternities and Sororities exist to breed genetic model ideals. “Ivy-League” schools exist for rich families and family-controlled business to control mating limits. … Continue reading


(REJECTED/STONE-WALLED BY DOE) Valence Technology Lithium Phosphate has been powering the first commercial electric transportation buses of their kind in the US and Europe – enabling clean, green, quiet and economic public transportation services. Full electric, hybrid and plug in hybrid electric vehicles from mini-bus to double deck format allow end users to meet strict … Continue reading

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has now become America’s biggest running joke. Hires it’s arch enemy to run the place.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has now become America’s biggest running joke. SEC Hires it’s arch enemy to run the place. Can the SEC do anything else to lose it’s final shred of credibility? Goldman Sachs now pays the largest volume of bribes to the U. S. Congress and the Agency responsible for stopping … Continue reading


The United States Department of Energy defrauded hundreds of American companies and tens of thousands of domestic workers

  The United States Department of Energy defrauded hundreds of American companies and tens of thousands of domestic workers       By EVPI     Just prior to President Obama’s election, United States Department of Energy officials made arrangements with Silicon Valley campaign financing billionaires to exclusively hand them hundreds of billions of taxpayer … Continue reading

Consumer Action Groups Demand Pilots Manually Release Masks At First Sign of Smoke In Plane. Lithium Ion Danger.

Consumer Action Groups Demand Pilots Manually Release Masks At First Sign of Smoke In Plane. Lithium Ion Danger. A number of recent “smoke in passenger compartment” airplane, train and bus incidents have created a heightened demand for a more rapid breathing apparatus response from pilots and staff. The detailed vapor studies of Lithium ion smoke … Continue reading

Turkey drops cases of insult against president in coup aftermath

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said he is dropping all lawsuits against those charged with insulting him. Speaking at an event in Ankara on Friday, commemorating those killed and wounded during the failed military coup on 15 July, Erdoğan said he was withdrawing all the lawsuits for insults against his person. “For one time … Continue reading


Are you a large law firm deeply experienced in government contracts and documentation? Are you a technology team or start-up seeking to apply for government funding? Maybe you two should meet? CLICK HERE TO BEGIN THE PROCESS  

NY Times says Obama’s Eric Holder covered up more Wall Street crimes than any man alive

Prosecution of Financial Crisis Fraud Ends With a Whimper White Collar Watch By PETER J. HENNING AUG. 29, 2016 Continue reading the main story Share This Page Share Tweet Email More Save Photo   In 2011, Robert Khuzami of the Securities and Exchange Commission announced charges against top executives from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. … Continue reading

Stanford University Frat Boys Can’t Rape Sleepy Co-eds Any More Under New Laws

California closes legal loophole after Stanford assault 30 August 2016 From the section US & Canada       Image copyright AP Image caption Brock Turner was seen by two witnesses sexually assaulting an unconscious woman Legislators in California have closed a loophole in sexual assault cases, whereby more lenient sentences could be issued if … Continue reading

ITT Tech and San Francisco Academy of Art Scam Colleges Get Crammed In California

California bans ITT tech from accepting new students  (Anne Cusack/Los Angeles Times) Times staff and wire reports   The for-profit college chain ITT Educational Services has been banned from accepting new students at its 15 California locations under an emergency decision issued Friday by the state Department of Consumer Affairs’ Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education. The state will … Continue reading

Joe Biden: Donald Trump has no clue about what makes America great – video

Vice-President Joe Biden gave a searing rebuke to Donald Trump on Wednesday night during his address at the Democratic convention. Biden said Trump lacked basic empathy and compassion, was a false prophet of the middle class and had ‘no clue about what makes America great’. Midway through Biden’s speech the crowd broke out into a … Continue reading

Match.com and OKCupid dating users found to have incurable STD’s from easy internet sex

WHO urges shift in STD treatment due to devastating antibiotic resistance (Update)     Growing resistance to antibiotics has complicated efforts to rein in common sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhoea, chlamydia and syphilis, the World Health Organization warned Tuesday as it issued new treatment guidelines.     Globally, more than one million people contract a … Continue reading

Backlash over Google rigging the internet for political attacks widens!

“RIGHT TO BUILD” Campaign against ELON MUSK and TESLA Launches!

“RIGHT TO BUILD” Campaign against ELON MUSK Launches! “This is not right,” Tom told reporters during a news conference. Tom said the DOE contract with Tesla amounted to a continuing crony monopoly, was unfair by blocking Tom’s company, and over 200 others, from competing for deployments of consumer and government vehicles and would cost taxpayers … Continue reading

The biggest leak from Australia’s secretive offshore detention camps – Nauru files video explainer

The Nauru files are made up of more than 2,000 incident reports from a remote Pacific island where hundreds of asylum seekers are held indefinitely. They shatter the secrecy shrouding Australia’s detention system, says Guardian reporter Paul Farrell. ‘These files are an uncompromising illustration of the more than two years of misery for those held … Continue reading


(ARTICLE) TESLA MOTORS TAKES BILLIONS IN TAXPAYER PAYOLA YET HIRES OVERSEAS LABOR TO PUT AMERICANS OUT OF WORK “Elon Musk and his associates paid bribes to White House staff and their associates in order to get tens of billions of dollars of government payola at taxpayer expense in violation of numerous laws and then tried to … Continue reading

How Elon Musk’s Investors Help Him Fake Stock Values: Internal Buyback Scams!

In Yahoo, Another Example of the Buyback Mirage Fair Game By GRETCHEN MORGENSON    Photo   Marissa Mayer, chief executive of Yahoo. Credit Ramin Rahimian for The New York Times It is one of the great investment conundrums of our time: Why do so many stockholders cheer when a company announces that it’s buying back … Continue reading

AT&T fined $7.7M over illegal phone charges

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GOP Uses Banned Anti-Fat Comedienne Incident To Fat Shame Hillary Clinton

In something called “Project Harpoon”, have Richard Berman and the attack dogs gone too far? YouTube video gets banned for fat-shaming | Women24Y This online comedian went too far when she openly shamed fat people with an open letter in one of her videos. women24.com/Wellness/Body/YouTube-video-gets-banned-f… More results Comedian Claims YouTube Channel Suspended Over ‘Fat-Shaming .. … Continue reading

THE DNC Leaks: Naming The Names

FROM THE WIKILEAKS SITE: DNC LEAK A Review By The Washington Institute Alumus Overview Leaked DNC EMAILS reveal that is was the same exact handful of people who: 1. Paid for hit-jobs and attacks against the Witnesses 2. Were the competitors of the Witnesses 3. Were terrified of the Witnesses better technology 4. Were the … Continue reading


CENSORING THE NEWS WITH DDOS ATTACKS   If certain news stories, or exposes’, hit the digital news stands, the publishers of those online newspapers are often suddenly taken off-line by hundreds of thousands of electronic signal attacks on their web servers, by someone who doesn’t like those news stories. These signals are called “Denial of … Continue reading

Police in French priest murder case investigate messaging app link

French police investigating the murder of a priest in Normandy are trying to identify members of a closed channel on the messaging app Telegram where one of the attackers outlined his murder plan. As Muslim worshippers joined Christians in services across France on Sunday in a show of homage to Father Jacques Hamel, 85, murdered … Continue reading

Silicon Valley Billionaires Want To Wipe Out Individual American Inventors

New York Times’ columnist Joe Nocera recently summed up the patent legislation debate by asking one simple question: “What if, in the name of cracking down on trolls, Congress passes an anti-troll law that winds up having huge negative consequences for legitimate inventors?” As Nocera explains in his column, if sweeping patent legislation now under … Continue reading

BOMBSHELL NEWS: Treasury and OMB letters and documents reveal Tesla got “UNJUST REWARDS”

BOMBSHELL NEWS: Treasury abd OMB letters and documents reveal Tesla got “UNJUST REWARDS”. Taxpayer lawsuit to demand return of all money from Tesla. Senate investigations were revealed in major media nationwide today, disclosing that the Treasury Department and OMB had recorded in documents that Tesla’s DOE loan was rigged and that the loan Tesla received … Continue reading

The U.S. Senate wants Mark Zuckerberg to say whether Facebook has been manipulating the news

The U.S. Senate wants Mark Zuckerberg to say whether Facebook has been manipulating the news   The request follows a Gizmodo report that the company actively suppresses conservative viewpoints.   by Dawn Chmielewski @DawnC331   The chairman of the powerful Senate Commerce Committee asked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to respond to allegations that the social … Continue reading

THE SILICON MOBSTERS: The Dirty Side of Silicon Valley –

READ THE BOOK: The Silicon Valley Mafia 3.7 https://videos.files.wordpress.com/ILtn16pf/the-silicon-mobsters_fmt1.ogv

‘America is already great’: Obama endorses Clinton and passes the baton | Daily briefing

Trump encourages Russian hackers to publish Clinton emails; US deportations creating humanitarian crisis; Putin accuses IAAF of ‘blatant discrimination’ Barack Obama took to the Democratic national convention stage in Philadelphia to give an optimistic and emotional endorsement of Hillary Clinton that drew sharp distinction between the Democratic message and what he called Donald Trump’s bag … Continue reading

The Executioners Playbook: How Lobbyist/Operatives Shut Down Community Efforts

The Executioners Playbook: How Lobbyist/Operatives Shut Down Community Efforts From the benign to the insidious, this story will examine how special interest lobby/operatives can create “federal guidelines” and “new legislation” which only benefits them and hurts regular folk and how they keep your community from fighting back. From Fracking, to campaign funding to clean-up sites … Continue reading

Do Peter Theil’s living vagina’s, for Silicon Valley’s sex robots, have human rights too?

Do Peter Theil’s living vagina’s, for Silicon Valley’s sex robots, have human rights too?     A planed international conference on how to have sex with robots was recently canceled due to the controversy surrounding the subject.     Escort services, wives, the clergy, bio-ethics professionals, lawyers and conservative politicians were up in arms over … Continue reading


Why Elon Musk, Steven Chu and John Doerr hate hydrogen more than anything on Earth! There are an extraordinary number of media references about how much these two hate clean, sustainable, non-toxic, hydrogen energy, fuel cells and water-based energy: Because it obsoletes their lithium mining scam. Let’s examine the facts – At the venture capital … Continue reading

Facebook, Identity Theft, and Personal Safety

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A Tale of Two Whistle-Blowers

A Tale of Two Whistle-Blowers One ended in death. One ended in a minor victory Both suffered unspeakable hell ordered by top elected officials. Is this what we pay our elected officials to do to us? Walter Tamosaitis was emotionally and economically tortured, by government officials and those who pay bribes to government officials. His … Continue reading

THE SILICON MOBSTERS: The technology Mafia

    READ THE BOOK: The Silicon Valley Mafia 3.7 Video Player     Categories: Documentary, Drama, International, Lessons and How To, Mind and Body, News Tags: the silicon mobsters ,THE SILICON MOBSTERS: The Dirty Side of Silicon Valley,   SEE MORE AT THIS LINK

Why Nick Denton and In-Q-Tel were so close:


MH370 pilot’s flight simulator did plot course over southern Indian Ocean

Australian officials confirm Malaysia Airlines captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah’s simulator did show route where plane is believed to have vanished Australian officials have confirmed that data recovered from a home flight simulator owned by the captain of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 showed that someone had used the device to plot a course to the southern … Continue reading

Who is In “The Silicon Valley Cartel”? Who are these folks we hear so much about?:

Who is In “The Silicon Valley Cartel”? Who are these folks we hear so much about?:   Gilman Louie- Creator on In-Q-Tel and NVCA James Breyer- Creator of In-Q-Tel and NVCA Joe Lonsdale – VC, charged with rape Larry Summers- White House, charged with organizing “skims” of DOE cash to intermediaries Larry Page- Google, In-Q-Tel … Continue reading

How to prevent google/twitter watching me too closely?

Sorry if this is the wrong subreddit for this, but I have no idea where should I post this. If you have a suggestion, i’ll post it there. So, I guess most of us notices how when you watch certain type of youtube videos, or google a lot about something, you’ll get advertisements on facebook … Continue reading


Secretary of State Romanian hacker Guccifer: I breached Clinton server, ‘it was easy’ By Catherine Herridge, Pamela K. Browne Published May 04, 2016 FoxNews.com Facebook406 Twitter695 livefyre201 Email Print Now Playing Hacker claims he compromised Clinton’s personal server Never autoplay videos EXCLUSIVE: The infamous Romanian hacker known as “Guccifer,” speaking exclusively with Fox News, claimed he … Continue reading



The Russian Connection- Lithium Miners, Silicon Valley VC’s and Mobsters

The Russian Connection- Lithium Miners, Silicon Valley VC’s and Russian Mobsters Call them “foreign businessmen”, “oligarchs” or “mobsters”; 4 of the CARGATE implicated banks and 5 of the CARGATE implicated VC’s had extensive meetings with russian gentlemen regarding their ownership of lithium ion fields equipment, mining and manufacturing deals derived from CARGATE derived schemes. All … Continue reading

What are Google’s crimes and illicit activities:

What are Google’s crimes and illicit activities:       War Profiteering – Google’s investors and executives promoted the deaths of soldiers and civilians in order to control lithium mines in Afghanistan for Google car, phone, device and Goldman Sachs partnered commodity market rigging. (Click for more details..)       Google spies on everyone … Continue reading

Europe’s legal showdown with White House Financier Google could start at any moment

Europe’s legal showdown with Google could start at any moment Reuters and Rob Price   REUTERS/Beck DiefenbachEric Schmidt It sounds like Europe is preparing for an epic legal showdown with Google. Europe’s antitrust chief said on Monday that she was looking closely at Google’s deals with phone makers and operators, concerned that conditions related to … Continue reading

Facebook and Google to track you using your posture only, even if your face is covered!

Faceless Recognition System’ Can Identify You Even When You Hide Your Face   Written by Joshua Kopstein Contributor   With widespread adoption among law enforcement, advertisers, and even churches, face recognition has undoubtedly become one of the biggest threats to privacy out there. By itself, the ability to instantly identify anyone just by seeing their … Continue reading


  Entire Facebook Trending News Team Fired 16 The Associated Press by Allum Bokhari27 Aug 20160 SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER   Facebook has fired its Trending News team, responsible for curating the social media network’s “Trending News” list, after Breitbart Tech began to reveal their progressive biases last month. The team is set to be replaced … Continue reading


THE FORBIDDEN TESLA TIMELINE THAT THE COVER-UP PEOPLE DON’T WANT YOU TO SEE: Derived from RICO CASE FILE #456-D-hj45A and Tesla Employee Testimony. 15 Tesla employees have provided every company email since 2003, between all suppliers, investors and third parties. (Their hard drives did not crash). All of this information can be independently verified with … Continue reading


(REJECTED BY DOE) KleenSpeed Technologies Inc. is a Silicon Valley based company founded in 2007. The company was founded with the aim of creating complete electric vehicle systems. The KleenSpeed EV-X11 high-performance electric race car won the ReFuel Electric time trial four years in a row and is the fastest race track car in the … Continue reading

…and he said that poor people were WHAT!!!? –

Additional News Cast Videos – Part 2

2- A: Google VC Trip to Russia where Afghan Lithium Mining Deals were laid out https://videos.files.wordpress.com/8g83PSz3/vc-trip-to-russia-compressed_fmt1.ogv 2 – B: USA Wikileaks Legal Symposium with Google’s IN-Q-TEL https://videos.files.wordpress.com/0jNM5yQy/usa-wikileaks-legal-symposium-narus-in-q-tel-hb-gary-hunton-williams_fmt1.ogv 2 – C: Under Scrutiny By Silicon Valley https://videos.files.wordpress.com/gCPs1Qd4/under-scrutiny_low_fmt1.ogv 2 – D: Transparency Reporting https://videos.files.wordpress.com/ECbox3jk/transparency-reporting-for-beginners_low-compressed_fmt1.ogv 2 – E: The Google Case- Movie Trailer https://videos.files.wordpress.com/7f4L9d0J/trailer1a_fmt1.ogv 2 – F: TOXIC … Continue reading

Toxic Smoke From Burning Car Batteries –

How To Halt Government Contract Fraud –

Where are smartphones made? Why it matters?

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The Rick Santorum Affair –

Rick Santorum had his name rigged up by Google in their search engine



The Most Inspiring Video Of All Time! –


The Data Brokers, Selling your personal information –

The Data Brokers, Selling your personal information by tricking you into using Google https://videos.files.wordpress.com/pZIoRTeT/the-data-brokers-selling-your-personal-information-hd_fmt1.ogv

How to build an electric vehicle.

How to build an electric vehicle. http://www.DIDIK.com Electric, Solar, Hybrid and Human Powered Vehicles designs by Frank Didik. How to Build an Electric Vehicle Design and Prototyping By Frank Didik Copyright 1998 Rights Reserved as listed below NOTE: Many people have requested information on how to design and build an  electric car. The following is … Continue reading

Blackness-Free Burning Man event highlights the White-Yuppie Culture That Burning Man Prevaricates

Burning Man’s Race Problem was created by Burning Man: Racism Is “Built-in” at Burning Man     Burning Man’s Race Problem was created by Burning Man: Racism Is “Built-in” at Burning Man Sarah Dunn – For Epoxli Saying that Burning Man’s racism is “because Black people don’t camp” is like saying that the drought is because … Continue reading

The Model Who Got Nailed By The Web –


How to hunt down, and take down, truly evil, criminally corrupt people: A Voters Guide-book Check back here to download the free public WIKI Book with detailed public investigation lessons, tips and procedures to deploy CIA/FBI-class investigative journalism skills, from the comfort of your living room, to “fry”, or legally terminate, any criminally corrupt politician … Continue reading

Did Senator Harry Reid take bribes from Elon Musk (MEME)


SONG: Election Blues – Too Many Crooks –

Modern Web Security –



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