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By Susan Mclaren and Danial McFedden

Suspects Nick Denton, Adrian Covert, John Hermann, Gaby Darbyshire and John Cook of Gawker Media have a secret in common with Google’s Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, John Doerr and their friend, and co-conspirator, Elon Musk.

Recent leaks, testimony, forensic financial tracking, law enforcement records, journalist surveillance and legal filings connect them all to some dead bodies and some assassination attempts. The motive connection is clear.

The suspects all exchanged money, assets and communications with each other, or the person next to each other.

The suspects all were at war with the dead guys and the nearly dead guys.

The suspects held stock perks in each others assets that were threatened by many of the dead victims.

The suspects all bribed the same politicians.

The suspects could afford to hire “assassins” or they offered their services as “assassins” or “media assassins”.

The suspects were all connected to a group called “In-Q-Tel” who advertises contractors experienced in “Wet-Work” and “Digital Terminations”.

The suspects all worked for, or financed, the Obama Administration.

The suspects all received the largest government crony payola kick-backs in history after their contributions to the Obama Administration.

The following individuals died sudden, unexpected, deaths right at the time that they began whistle-blowing on the suspects. They each had knowledge of the suspects crimes. A number of them had told relatives of their fears:

  • Gary D. Conley – Solfocus/H2Go CEO & whistle-blower on Kleiner Cleantech scams – Bullet in head behind airforce base. Air base shooting videos missing or doctored
  • Karl Slym – Indian Tata car project liaison to John Doerr and Vinohd Khosla – “Fell” off roof of building

  • Raveesh Kumra – Indian head of Tesla Investments – Killed by hooker

  • Forrest Hayes – Google executive who started to whistle-blow on Google election rigging – Killed by hooker

  • Rajeev Motwani- Taught Google Engineers How To Make Bulk Privacy Harvesting Search Engine. Found floating face down in pool. Focused EMP or neurotoxin?

  • Andrew Brietbart – Blogger who started writing about suspects dirty deeds – Focused EMP or neurotoxin in shower simulating heart attack

  • James D Johnston – GM’s lobbyist/key witness and advisor to Elon Musk – FBI investigating his death

–  Stanley Meyer- Hydrogen car promoter who would have obsoleted Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors – Cause of death in question

–  Danny Lewin, Creator of Bulk Internet at Akamai. The Architect and Builder of the Internet Tracking System used by Google – was on-board 9-11 plane that crashed into WTC.. or was he?

–  John Wheeler- Washington DC operative and advisor to Kleiner Perkins- Drugged, escaped, recaptured, murdered

  • Doug Bourn, Andrew Ingram, Brian M. Finn – Senior engineers at Elon Musk’s company. At least two were whistle-blowers – All killed in “Boston Brakes” plane crash

–  Ilya Zhitomirskiy – Tech investment insider who offered to whistle-blow – “Suicide”?

  • David Bird – Wall Street Journal energy reporter looking into Kleiner Perkins cleantech manipulations – Found dead in a lake

–  Kenneth Bellando – Investment banker who happened upon paperwork on suspects scam – “Suicide”?

  • Moritz Erhardt –  Investment banker who happened upon paperwork on suspects scam – “Suicide”?

–  Sarvshreshth Gupta – Investment banker who happened upon paperwork on suspects scam – “Suicide”?

–  Kate Matrosova – Investment banker who happened upon paperwork on suspects scam – “Suicide”?

…and, the list goes on. From investment bankers to technologists, the current list numbers over 78 people.

Now lets give the Silicon Valley billionaires and the love-able Nick Denton the benefit of the doubt and say that some bunch of these 48 people are coincidental deaths.

The FBI estimation number that they teach you at the Quantico training academy is 60%. When, in a list of deaths, more than 60% of the dead folks are connected to the same suspects, forensic and criminologist history has also shown that the suspects were always engaging in murders.

In this case every dead person is connected to the suspects. You can do your own research online about these deaths and use online private investigation tools and database cross-linkers. The evidence checks out.

It gets worse, for the suspects: in large number of cases, Gawker Media ran character assassination media attacks, which were implemented by the suspects search engines and social media. The timing of the Gawker Media character assassination attacks times, exactly, to the points in time at which the targeted victims had first been targeted.

Gawker Media exchanged cash, ad contracts, search impressions, stock, tax evasion smoke-screens, money laundering with each of the entities in the suspect pool.

It gets worse: All of these suspects worked with, and for, the Obama White House. They financed the Obama campaign, got money from the Obama and Clinton campaigns and did the dirty work for the Obama and Clinton campaigns. One way to look at this is that 1.) the White House might have been killing taxpayers because crazy Silicon Valley billionaires said to, or, 2.) Crazy Silicon Valley billionaires killed taxpayers and ran character assassinations on citizens in order to take over the White House. It is a fact that over 400 Google staff work for The Obama White House and the biggest bunch of the suspects own Google. Google has been publicly exposed as a shill operation for the Obama and Clinton campaigns.

So am I worried about revealing this? Yep, a bit.

I am less worried because of the following, though: All of these facts are now confirmed in public media, leaks and FOIA files. If any of the suspects sue me they will only be giving me, ProPublica, or any member of the public a voice in a jury trial to force the exposure of their crimes. If they kill me, I have copied Snowden’s and Assange’s “Dead Man Switch” process and have over a hundred of my journalist friends who will spam the planet with all of the evidence instantly. I have spoken with federal law enforcement and Congressional leaders and told them about this article. I have been assured that multiple entities have investigations underway relative to the suspects. Eventually, in one Administration or another, justice will finally crawl to the top of the muck-pile and get these weasels.

While the opposition will start flooding the bias-rigged main-stream media with charges that this story is “Crazy”, “Tin-Foil Hat”, “Conspiracy theory” falsehood, you can check it all out for yourself. In the modern world, every citizen has FBI-class research at their fingertips. Just don’t use Google for your research. As we all now know, Google is rigged to cover-up just these sorts of exposures. If even one of these people was ordered killed by Eric Schmidt, Elon Musk or the West Wing, isn’t it worth taking a look?

Write your blogs and public officials and demand arrests. Encourage an end to the cover-ups. Post copies of your letters on public blogs and Facebook-like social media. Raise hell!

Don’t just read this article and think to yourself: “Oh, that’s a shame”…do something. Make some noise.


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