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How Silicon Valley Is Rigging The Presidential Elections

How Silicon Valley Is Rigging The Presidential Elections

– The public is demanding paper ballots and a monitored re-count in order to bypass ballot rigging that has already been discovered.

– Quid-pro-quo is built-in to the Obama and Clinton hiring and appointment process

Town Hall

They did it in 2008 and they received over one trillion dollars in government kick-backs from the Obama Administration as quid-pro-quo for their crony manipulations.

They are doing it again in 2016 for the Clinton Administration and this time they plan on receiving an even larger set of kick-backs.

Republicans don’t own many media and web companies. Republicans rarely become programmers. Art and media schools rarely have Republican teachers. Most students from art and media schools graduate identifying as liberal, in fact the study of such things is called “liberal arts”. Silicon Valley and Hollywood are a joint venture of the same ideology. Hollywood needs Silicon Valley’s digital distribution and Silicon Valley needs Hollywood’s content. Hollywood and Silicon Valley control the news, media and entertainment for most of the billions of people in the world.

Silicon Valley/Hollywood has the proven power to tell 300 million U.S. voters what to think, how to think and what to tell their friends to do. It is called “Subliminal messaging” and they have thousands of ways to manipulate moods and thoughts in ways that you can never notice and that you can rarely understand.

Silicon Valley/Hollywood are run by a handful of men who were raised to think a certain way. This thinking has been programmed into them for centuries by the dynastic families that raised them.

A large part of that thinking has to do with payback over perceived “persecution”. The other part of that thinking has to do with elitism and what they are “owed” for simply existing.

Silicon Valley/Hollywood feels that it is supposed to do “good things” at any cost. Character assassinations and Clinton’s (supposed) 50+ murders are attributed to this kind of noble obligation to stop-at-nothing for the greater good of profits via “green energy”.

While saving the trees makes Silicon Valley/Hollywood feel justified in committing felony crimes in order to put trillions in Mark Zuckerberg’s and Elon Musk’s bank vaults, they are still committing felony crimes.

The current Department of Justice has been clearly and overtly exposed by the U.S. Congress as a protection shill for the Clinton and Obama Ponzi schemes. Eric Holder and Ms. Lynch were appointed based on a single West Wing conversation in which they were told: “Your job is to make sure none of us get arrested and never let a Special Prosecutor get appointed”.

The notorious Solyndra Solar company FBI raid led the FBI to the fact that the $600 million dollars of taxpayer money that was lost by Solyndra was, number one: Only the tip of the crony iceberg and, number two: Connected to a kickback program that led straight to Obama’s Oval Office.

All of Elon Musk’s, Steve Westly’s, Larry Page’s and Eric Schmidt’s cash comes from an Obama criminal crony payola scheme. This green corruption cash included hit jobs on Silicon Valley’s competitors, black-listing, character assassinations, stone-walling, surveillance and a host of dirty tricks by In-Q-Tel, Think Progress, Media Matters, New America Foundation and the rest of the Silicon Valley Hollywood Cartel on behalf of The White House.

Vapid pundits like to say that it is all “The Big Jews” who are running this Ponzi scheme as payback for the gas chambers. They always play off the Republicans as “Nazi’s” because, by saying this, they believe any crime can be justified.

Silicon Valley/Hollywood’s election rigging, character assassinations and felony crimes have nothing to do with cultural restitution. Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, John Doerr, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt and Sony Pictures are a bunch of self-promoting arrogant frat house misogynists who were raised by snooty parents to “take what they want” and “Damn the torpedoes”.

Silicon Valley/Hollywood has been handed trillions of dollars of your tax money to buy their jets, hookers, rent boys, sex change operations, mansions and thousand dollar a night restaurant bills with. This is the money that you sweat-ed all week to earn. Think about it. You hammered nails all week in the hot sun; you cleaned up hotel bathrooms; you welded axles in a car factory all week so that 30% of your paycheck could be handed to Google’s Larry Page so he could buy another jet and three more hookers.

The Facade that your cash was delivered to these media billionaires was called Solyndra, Ivanpah, Fisker and other Green Cash fronts. It was called Space X, Solar City, Tesla  Motors and other fake feel good “green-washing” fronts. Greenwashing is the brilliant Silicon Valley/Hollywood scheme wherein they claim to be saving the world but the only green thing they car about is the green cash. It is like the Mark Twain Tom Sawyer trick where they tell you how much fun it is to paint the fence in order to trick you into delivering the goods for them.

Silicon Valley/Hollywood’s trick is to give you a rationalization for not noticing that they are stealing your tax dollars. “It’s ‘green’ and it will save baby polar bears” is the ultimate programming of the masses to get them to look the other way while Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg rape them all.




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