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REDDIT bans citizen journalists investigating #Pizzagate because Reddit’s VC’s are implicated in PizzaGate!

featured sub /v/pizzagate: #Pizzagate: Investigating corruption, child trafficking and abuse uncovered in the wikileaks podesta emails.


Patriots, The war has just started. PizzaGate is front and center, time to unravel Soros’ sick, twisted shadow empire. The US must be the paragon of Western Civilization since nobody else will. (v/politics)


submitted 3 hours ago by Rummel to politics (+72|-6)



Zuckerberg Is A Complete Chinese Sellout. Boycott Facebook and expose #PizzaGate / Zuckerberg now. (nytimes.com)



p class=”tagline”>submitted 2.2 hours ago by kinneys to news (+47|-1)


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