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Stanford University: The place to become a rapist and/or a Silicon Valley douchebag

Stanford University: The place to become a rapist and/or a Silicon Valley douchebag




– Rich families promote rape and discourage investigations at Stanford because “Rape is a privilege” for rich frat boys.


– Asshole rich Stanford Father’s of Stanford rich kids demand reduced transparency.


– Stanford Administrators are all PR and totally “get the rich parents cash”.


– Scientists say “students who attend Stanford University are brain-washed into soul-less, tone-deaf, arrogant narcissists like Larry Page and Eric Schmidt..”


– On their $5000.00 bikes, the logo-covered Spandex-clad clone frats are oblivious to reality.




Brock Turner Stanford University rape: …


This is the powerful statement that the Stanford University rape victim read aloud to her attacker, Brock Allen Turner.


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In Stanford Rape Case, Brock Turner …


Brock Turner, the former Stanford University student convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman behind a Dumpster on campus, described his …


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This Letter From The Stanford Sex …


This Letter From The Stanford Sex Offender’s Dad Epitomizes Rape Culture Only in a rape culture can sexual assault be referred to as “20 minutes of action.”


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Is ‘college experience’ synonymous with rape culture? – USA Today


Recently, Stanford University, which is not currently in session, announced hard alcohol, not beer or wine, is now prohibited at undergraduate …


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Brock Turner’s 6-month sentence in …


A California judge’s decision to give Brock Turner, a former Stanford University swimmer, a six-month jail sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious …


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Telling the Story of the Stanford Rape Case …


Telling the Story of the Stanford Rape Case. Two letters, one from the victim and one from the offender’s father, have pushed a California case to the forefront of …


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Rape survivor demands change to …


Created as part of my application to Stanford, rereading and then writing a second version of this work brought me a strange degree of self-clarity and reminded me of …


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Stanford bans hard alcohol at campus …


Stanford’s undergraduate students will no longer be allowed to drink hard alcohol at on-campus parties, the university announced Monday.


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Changing Rape Culture on Campus: Can the Stanford Case Move …


The Stanford rape case encapsulates all that we know about rape culture— including victim blaming and basing excuses on alcohol – and …


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Light Sentence for Brock Turner in Stanford …


A recall effort against a California judge was announced on Monday in a sexual assault case at Stanford University that ignited public outrage after the …


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Stanford removes ‘victim-blaming’ online material on women and …


Stanford University has removed part of a “Female Bodies and Alcohol” webpage that critics said promoted “victim-blaming” and rape culture on a campus that has faced intense scrutiny surrounding sexual assault. Brock Turner’s statement blames sexual assault on Stanford …


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Rape Culture: Stanford Alcohol Ban Doesn’t Prevent Rape – Motto


Stanford University recently announced a new, stricter alcohol policy, with university officials citing lowering “high risk behavior” as their goal.


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“Stanford douchebags” ruining San …


Talbot’s strong words for Stanford students have struck a chord up north in San … Culture Blog! “Stanford douchebags” ruining San Francisco?


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Don’t be a Stanford asshole – 48 hills


For many years, Stanford was the country-club university where millionaires of the West sent …. Or Stanford douchebags, or Stanford tools. … become the Grateful Dead – the house band for San Francisco’s cultural revolution.


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“Stanford douchebags” ruining San Francisco – Modern Love: Online


http://blog.sfgate.com/culture/2015/01/29/stanford-douchebags-ruining-san- francisco/ … The Stanford Undergraduate and the Mentor – nytimes.com · cached.


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Stanford University band suspended for ‘cultural … – theCHIVE


Stanford University band suspended after being accused of ‘systemic cultural problem’


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Douchebag Brock Turner and His Douchebag Rape Culture Friends …


Uploaded by undertakerfreak1127Douchebag Brock Turner and His Douchebag Rape Culture Friends Rant … Star Stanford …


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