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Preparing for the inevitable hacks and leaks of your emails and documents

Preparing for the inevitable hacks and leaks of your emails and documents




By EFF2 Foundation



If you own a credit card or pay rent you may get hacked and leaked.



If you do anything interesting you are probably going to get hacked and leaked.



If you do anything political you are absolutely going to get hacked and leaked.



Never say, or type, anything on an electronic device that you would be ashamed to see on 60 Minutes and The Drudge Report a week later.



Over 100,000 people in the world of 7.5 billion people have the free tools on their phone or computer to hack everything you have within 30 seconds. They can hack every email you think you deleted, all your text messages, all your dating profiles and date site emails, your medical records, your voice mails, everyplace you went on Uber or Lyft…EVERYTHING. If an IT guy tells you “they can’t” then he is just lying to you to save his job.



Modern hack technology can read your phone screen from miles away. It can transduction-read the air molecules that move in your voice or read your lips from 40 miles away. It can read the vibrations in the glass or a nearby ceramic object from 50 miles away. That’s right, no bugging device is needing to hear everything you say in a closed room or out on the golf course from very, very far away.



Every Court and lawyer in New York City still has at least one Juniper Networks, Cisco or similar router touching their network. They didn’t throw them out because their CFO’s said it would be “pricey”. Every Cisco and Juniper Networks router has multiple “back-doors” in them and those 100,000 hackers have the keys to ALL OF THEM. Every top IT guy knows this. If you are writing something interesting with any big shots in DC, LA, NYC, Chicago or Silicon Valley, you are a fool if you don’t know that it has already been hacked and that Russian and Chinese hackers have been scrapping EVERYTHING off of those networks since 2005. Now is the time to get real and plan for your DOXXING. Nobody can avoid it if they are involved in a big company or part of a big political campaign player. Even “Air Gap” non connected data is no longer safe.



“Politics” is about who gets to put your tax money in their pocket. Up to 20,000 people are killed every single day over politics in wars, take-downs and collateral damage. People that kill people won’t hesitate to hack you. 50,000 of those 100,000 hackers are not state actors, though, they are just bored kids looking to raise hell or make some money selling your stuff to organized crime groups. The point is, there are plenty of people to hack you; and the CIA and the NSA are the least of your problems.



Therefore you need to PLAN TO BE PUBLISHED!



This is the thinking for the “interesting person” in the modern age.



When you write a letter to a lawyer, a politician or anybody else that is “interesting” DO IT WITH FLOURISH.



Write for your audience: THE WHOLE WORLD!



Modern elections have shown that the more “plain speaking” a candidate is, the more they win. The public loves plain speaking. The public (AKA: “Joe Six Pack”, “The Nose Pickers”, “Mr. & Mrs. America”, “The Midwest”, etc.) should be considered when you write to make a point.






Dramatize your communication with emphatic language so that it will have newspaper-like impact when the public are reading it on Wikileaks, 60 Minutes, Drudge or someplace else.



Write it like you intend to perform it!



Consider your words in a public-interest email discussion to be something you might perform on Broadway or the Johnny Carson Show. Capture the imagination and interest of the public. You may be writing something to a boring, suit-and-tie lawyer but put some flourish in it for the public that may probably read it later on.


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