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How we ended the reign of printed Cartel newspapers and launched the new “Populism”

How we ended the reign of printed Cartel

newspapers and launched the new “Populism”




By Andre Veltude





Populism” is…




…when a group of people, or a whole country, decide that they do not like being controlled, like cattle, by a Cartel of twisted billionaires. Nations around the globe are suddenly electing Populist themed leaders.



A “Cartel” is a small group of twisted billionaires who bribe politicians to give them the money from government taxes, grants and contracts. The Silicon Valley Cartel is the latest Cartel to arrive in the history books and the one that caused the public to revolt.



Most major Cartel-controlled printed newspapers are dead, or dying, and the online versions are now failing and facing global rejection, declining users and departing advertisers. Many of the big online publishers have now been caught faking most of the numbers of their users in order to try to snag a few last advertiser dollars before they spiral down the drain. We can tell you as a fact that Google, Gizmodo, Facebook, Univision, Twitter and many others are lying like dogs to their advertisers about how many people see ads on those Cartel outlets. The fact is ALMOST NOBODY sees ads on those sites and the companies that own those sites FAKE user impressions. Univision thinks it bought all these “impressions” when it bought Gawker’s data roles but all it bought was smoke and mirrors. There are only bots there and they offer nothing of value to advertisers.



The old men of the old Cartels were dying. Paying for huge buildings full of printing presses and newspaper delivery truck gas was killing them. New Media Online offered everything that the old print Cartel’s could not compete with. It was the perfect nexus to kill them off because they were lying to, and rigging the information for, the public.



In the moments before their deaths, the CIA took Hewlitt Packard’s Silicon Valley and turned it into Eric Schmidt’s Silicon Valley. The terrible trio of Google-Facebook-Twitter were born. In the beginning, if you wanted to sign up for any of a zillion social media clone sites you, ironically, always found a “Join with you Google, Facebook, or Twitter “ account buttons on the front of every social media site. The clever Silicon Valley Cartel had created a collusion scheme to place only those three buttons, as options to join, on all Sandhill Road funded start-ups.



After a few elections of political vote rigging by the Silicon Valley Cartel, it became glaringly obvious that Google-Facebook-Twitter were rigging politics in order to get vast amounts of payola and quid-pro-quo. It was so obvious that even the CIA and the NSA started to bail out of the schemes.



Silicon Valley’s Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, Elon Musk, John Doerr, Vinod Khosla and Steve Jurvetson kept the whole thing going, post-CIA, as if they had assumed the roles of CIA proxies. The evil that the Silicon Valley Cartel got into made all of the CIA water-boards pale in comparison.



We used the facts to expose the old papers and the new Silicon Valley facade media. Then we helped create millions of replacements for all of the Cartel-controlled media.



We did it because Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, Elon Musk, John Doerr, Vinod Khosla, Steve Jurvetson and their frat house bros are criminal scumbags who had corrupted the government, the media and infected society with horrific evil. Google believes it can fill its buildings with obedient little H1-B’s but those H1-B’s have all found that Google bosses are just as evil as the Kim Jon Un’s they thought they were escaping. Hundreds of Google employees are simply there to hack Google.



The Silicon Valley Cartel went global. They created Gawker, Google, Think Progress, In-Q-Tel, Jigsaw, etc. and put their stain in every nation. The stench of them became so obvious that the blow-back was epic. Silicon Valley caused Russia and China to cut off all internet and put vast numbers of people in the cross hairs of death squads. Eric Schmidt’s Silicon Valley-produced “Arab Spring” caused more people to die than most any Middle East war in the last decade. Everything Silicon Valley touched was a disaster. When Silicon Valley oligarchs “helped” people died, wars accelerated and corruption went from billions of dollars in crimes to trillions of dollars in crimes.



Why would we out ourselves and tell the “secret plan” right out loud? Because there is nothing on Earth that can stop Populism and the public demand for free unlimited news. All of the new news and entertainment has NO ADS just to bankrupt the old media.



Once Populism is out of the toothpaste tube you can’t get it back in. It is like trying to add an Amendment to the Constitution that makes all heterosexual sex illegal. Good luck with that.


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