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Explaining Women’s Periods to Men


Explaining Women’s Periods to Men




By Dr. Aubrey Westin, MD, PhD




Men, instead of being disgusted by women having their Menstrual Cycle, which you call their “Period”, you should be delighted about it.



Here is why.



Think of your Ford F-150 Pickup Truck. You got an incredible Weather-tech bed liner for the big back area of the truck-bed where you haul all kinds of nasty stuff. You drive around and put dump-loads of dirt, pig entrails, household waste, old boxes of dead rats, rusty crates of nails and other kinds of man crap in the back of that truck. It gets filthy. Then, once a month, you drive your beloved Ford pick-up truck down to Andy’s Auto Clean and set the pressure hose to 11 and blast the hell out of the back of that truck.



Bingo, look at that; all shiny and new.



You just blasted all of the filth and scum from the last 30 days of hauling ashes and other peoples sticky nasty splooge out of your valuable cargo area. Women’s Periods accomplish the same thing.



It is like you get a whole new vagina to play with. Men should not fear the Period, they should count the days and “Pray for Period”.



You probably picked a woman to have sex with because she had big tits and a stripper face. Any girl with big tits and a stripper face is getting pounded by many other guys when you are not looking. All of the diseases, germs, DNA, scum, juices, butt sweat and jellied excretions of all of those others guys is still stuck to the insides of her. It is the same thing as if your grabbed, what you thought was, a Coors, and guzzled it down only to later discover it was a can of the diseases, germs, DNA, scum, juices, butt sweat and jellied excretions of the homeless guy across the street. You would freak.



When the lady’s Period starts, most of that built-up men-juice, from all those others guys, gets blown out of her Vag. Lucky You! After a couple of days you get a fresh new Doodly-Do!



The girls with stripper faces have high cheek-bones, duck-lips filled with cow fat or Silicone, an “Angel Bow” where they can’t close their upper lip and it makes them look dumb and easy; buck teeth or a tooth gap which also makes them look dumb and easy; low eyelids which make them look drunk, dumb and easy; tons of make-up, especially when they draw Chica Corners on the outside corners of their eyes like Puerto Rican whores; or that other stuff that ladies do to their faces to copy New York Prostitute looks. Those things excite men before they have sex with them and frighten men after they have sex with them because, afterwards, they see that the gal that looked like a whore may have been a whore. They then fear the germs, diseases and Paternity lawsuits.



Along comes the Period and washes the sins away and shows that no baby is coming this month. Hoooray!



Men, you must love The Period. It should become your favorite thing. If you drive a pick-up truck, the odds are that you are a wife-beating, red-neck ass-hole and your very existence is forcing the last girl you nailed to look for a better guy. Just by being you, you need The Period more than nice guys. You need the Period because your worthlessness is forcing your squeeze to fill her snatch with man-juice from other sweaty guys. The Period cleans all that other man-juice out of her and makes fresh new walls inside her vagina to house your filthy man-tool.



Embrace the bloody Menstruation. The whole inside of the snatch is peeling itself off like paper toilet seat covers in a bus station restroom. You are going to get a brand new Vagina…yum!



Match.com girls are dating six to ten guys at once. You like Match.com because you can window-shop for pussy. They problem is, those Match.com girls are riding the pole more than a Brazilian alley whore. What to do?, What to do? You meet 40 to 60 Match.com girls and say you want to “go slow”. This gets you huge dating points. Then you get about 40 of them on the hook and find out the exact date of their period. You make firm dinner reservations with them for the night after each of their periods end. You then will have your first sex, with each one, on the night after they get a whole new VAGINA! All the juices and scum from all of the other Match.com and Tindr guys will have been washed away. Incredible!




p style=”margin-bottom:0;line-height:100%;”>So, you see, female Menstrual Cycle is the best thing EVER!


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