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THE ANSWER How The Justice Blockade Works in America and How To Break Through It By Aubrey Collins The Obama Administration and their Silicon Valley Billionaire goons have spent vast amounts of money to make sure that this man never gets to have his day in court. If that day were to come, a number … Continue reading

WORDPRESS finds itself caught up fire-storm for censoring news sites, blogs and Wikis

Pro-Hillary, Pro-Obama WordPress has been censoring and killing indie news sites in bulk volumes if those news sites publish any indie news articles that are not the George Soros “Party Line”. Here is some of the latest blow-back: ________ “Friends- It has come to our attention that tens of thousands of independent news sites, like … Continue reading

Hillary Clinton’s Own Staff Call Her “Whiny B*tch” and “Responsibility Shirker…”

Hillary Insiders Speak Out; New Book Reveals How Much of a Whiny B*tch She Was During Campaign Jim Hoft Apr 14th, 2017 9:53 am Leave a Comment Hillary insiders are speaking out. A new book set to be released next week reveals how much of a whiny angry b*tch Hillary Clinton was during the campaign. … Continue reading



This is an unscheduled public service announcement which we consider urgent and in the interests of the broader online community.    A phishing attack is being discussed in the security community today that allows an attacker to register a domain that appears identical to a known safe domain in the web browser. They can use this … Continue reading


  Dr. David Dao’s Lawyer DESTROYS United Airlines Over and Over Again. UNITED FUNDED OBAMA! (youtube.com)   submitted 3 hours ago by GizaDog to news (+3|-0)   discuss     United Airlines “Passenger” Reaccomodated to Toilet After Stinging Fellow Traveler (thedailybeast.com) submitted 21 hours ago by daskapitalist to news (+9|-0)   3 comments     … Continue reading

Studies Find That Match.com Is Largest Cause Of Rotten Penile Tissue and Horrific Sexual Diseases

Dating app STD spike… 1 in 4 don’t consider one-night stands cheating…

Silicon Valley Is Destroying Amera

‘It’s a perfect storm’: homeless spike in rural California linked to Silicon Valley   The heartland best known for supplying nearly 25% of America’s food is experiencing a rise in homelessness that can be traced in part to the tech boom   A homeless encampment at the site of the former Pacific California tomato cannery … Continue reading

Hacked Home Routers are Launching Brute Force Attacks on WordPress Sites

Hacked Home Routers are Launching Brute Force Attacks on WordPress Sites Sarah Gooding April 12, 2017 1 photo credit: Eduardo Mueses The Oracle – (license) Security researchers at Wordfence are reporting that thousands of hacked home routers are attacking WordPress sites. Wordfence firewall and malware scanner products are in use on more than 2 million … Continue reading

LA TIMES says California Attorney General Kamala Harris is Destroying California’s Economy

The cost of California’s public pensions is breaking the bank. Here’s one reason this problem is so hard to fix The fate of reform measures hangs on ballot language written by the state attorney general, usually a Democrat elected with strong union support. By Judy Lin REPORTING FROM SACRAMENTO |  From left to right, former … Continue reading

Federal Reserve Bank Has Huge Stockpiles of Cash for Designated Survivors…

April 10, 2017 The CIA’s emergency Cold War cash reserves Plan called for Agency to take 2.5% of all money in the Federal Reserve for their private emergency fund Written by Michael Best Edited by JPat Brown In 1951, the federal government began paying increased attention to emergency planning, both for natural disasters, warfare or … Continue reading


    United CEO doubles down in email to employees, says passenger was ‘disruptive and belligerent’ (cnbc.com) submitted 17 hours ago by Calann to news (+146|-2) 67 comments     Pentagon awards contract to United Airlines to forcibly remove Assad (duffelblog.com) submitted 3 hours ago by WitnesstheSalt to funny (+103|-2) 6 comments   United updated … Continue reading

United Airlines Destroys its Brand In Suicide PR Campaign

United Struggles to Extinguish Social Media Firestorm by Michael Sasso , Justin Bachman , and Linly Lin April 11, 2017, 4:52 AM PDT April 11, 2017, 10:31 AM PDT ‘The most tone-deaf response I’ve seen,’ professor says Airline becomes fodder for comedians on late-night TV NYU Stern School Professor Scott Galloway discusses United Airlines response … Continue reading

Drudge Report Mocks Clinton

HILLARY PUMPS IT UP… Hawaii brain-infecting parasite epidemic…

The Largest Internet Attack In History Is Coming.. ARE YOU READY!?

This morning we are posting a follow-up to our monthly attack report for March. During our analysis of last month’s data, we discovered that Algeria had moved from 60 on our “Top 25 Attacking Countries” list to position 24.   That was a big jump for a country we rarely see. We dug deeper and … Continue reading

Hydrogen carmaker exceeds crowdfunding target

Riversimple success: Hydrogen carmaker exceeds £1m crowdfunding target 10 April 2017, source edie newsroom The world’s only independent hydrogen fuel cell vehicle manufacturer, Welsh firm Riversimple, has exceeded its crowdfunding target of £1m which will enable the UK trial of innovative and affordable hydrogen cars. Riversimple’s Rasa model has a range of 300 miles, refills … Continue reading

United Airlines goes George Orwell 1984 and Begins Dragging Random Customers Off Their Over-Booked Airplanes

      United Airlines overbooks a flight, and doesn’t offer enough money to get volunteers to give up seats. So they drag someone off at random. (telegraph.co.uk)   submitted 6 hours ago by zak_the_mac to news (+261|-3)   248 comments

Match.com & OK Cupid Can Now Tell If You are An Alchoholic or Nut-Job From Your Photo

Facial-recognition software finds new use: Diagnosing genetic disorders for dating sites…

Elon Musk’s and Google’s Fake Stock Manipulation News Hype Under Federal Investigation

Feds target ‘fake stock news’ on top financial websites… Articles By Authors Paid to Promote…   We WATCHED, RECORDED and REPORTED ON TESLA RIGGING THE STOCK MARKET WITH GOOGLE, VALUE-WALK AND OTHERS…


    GOOGLE EXECS HAVE A LONG SORDID HISTORY WITH PROSTITUTES, MYSTERIOUS DEATHS AND CORRUPTION       Hundreds of Twisted Google Staff, Executive and Investor Sex Scandals. This one is typical of the Google Culture of Frat House Depravity and Corruption…       48 Hours Full Episodes Kiss of Death and the Google … Continue reading

Crazy Hacker War Gets Suddenly Even Crazier

Hacker Group Releases Password To NSA’s “Top Secret Arsenal” In Protest Of Trump Betrayal Silicon Valley’s Kleiner Perkins Has Each Individual Investor Hacked from 2006 to today? by Tyler Durden Apr 8, 2017 2:16 PM   Last August, the intel world was abuzz following the news that a previously unknown hacker collective, “The Shadow Brokers” … Continue reading

Tiffany Shlain Wins The Silicon Valley Self-Promotion Look-At-Me Award

Tiffany Shlain (born April 8, 1970)[1] is an American filmmaker, author, and public speaker. Regarded by her press releases as an internet pioneer, Shlain is the founder of the Webby Awards . She has dated quite a few of the Silicon Valley tech people and they have all come together in a unique site called … Continue reading

The Open, free and uncensorable internet is here, using Bitcoin cryptography and BitTorrent network

GET IT AT:  https://zeronet.io/en   Peer-to-Peer Your content distributed directly to other visitors without any central server. Uncensored It’s nowhere because it’s everywhere! No hosting costs Sites are served by visitors. Always accessible No single point of failure. Simple No configuration needed: Download, unpack and start using it.

Google Pays Female Workers Less Than Male Counterparts, Labor Department Says

Google Pays Female Workers Less Than Male Counterparts, Labor Department Says Department’s claims don’t amount to formal charges; investigation is ongoing Google, a unit of Alphabet Inc., said it disagrees with the Labor Department’s claim. Photo: Agence France-Presse/Getty Images By Jack Nicas April 7, 2017 11:43 p.m. ET 67 COMMENTS An investigation of Google Inc. has found it … Continue reading

Police Need Your Help In Sourcing Group Of Enterprising American Boys In 7-11 Robbery

Warrant out for 13 suspected of robbing 7-Eleven, leaving on party bus   View slideshow 13 suspects are wanted in connection with a Jan. 7 “flash mob” style robbery at a 7-Eleven store in Huntington Beach. By SCOTT SCHWEBKE / STAFF WRITER sschwebke@ocregister.com Facebook Twitter Email Comments PRINT SEND PDF   HUNTINGTON BEACH – Police … Continue reading

Naked LIving Mermaid With Webbed Appendages Found In Fresno, California

Woman with webbed feet found naked and wet by police insists she is a mermaid Officers appeal for help in identifying mystery woman Ben Kentish @BenKentish Police said the woman would only say her name was Joanna and that she was a mermaid Fresno Police Dept Police in California have been left puzzled after finding … Continue reading


The Target boycott cost more than anyone expected — and the CEO was blindsided Hayley Peterson Business InsiderApril 6, 2017 View photos target shopping (Backlash over Target’s bathroom policy is costing the retailer more than anyone expected.Joe Raedle / Getty) Target triggered a nationwide boycott last year with a single blog post — and it … Continue reading

Nancy Pelosi: Whore, Rapes The Public Trough

Nancy Pelosi Built Wealth on ‘Insider Trading’ News Commentary By Matt | While Nancy Pelosi been getting in front of every camera she can and shouting gibberish about Donald Trump’s taxes, she has a lot to answer for: like how she accrued a net worth of at least $202 million as a career politician. Liberals … Continue reading

The Obama Vendetta, Reprisal and Retribution Pay-Back Administration: Meet Kenneth “The Rat” Cestari

The Obama Vendetta, Reprisal and Retribution Pay-Back Administration: Meet Kenneth “The Rat” Cestari       By Tony Leveque     (Opinion)         This is as much addressed to the newly minted Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry as it is to the American voters.     Donald Trump and the 2017 Congress … Continue reading


TECH BOSS CONFESSES: “I PUT DONALD TRUMP IN THE WHITE HOUSE IN ORDER TO WIPE OUT SILICON VALLEY’S HORRIFIC CORRUPTION!”       By Marsdale Cedric, Special For BBC Research       I spoke with a very unique character. He has been around Silicon Valley billionaires for quite a few decades and has grown … Continue reading




Former SNAPCHAT employee presses to unseal ‘doctored’ usage stats… ‘Valuation built on house of cards’…

One of Google’s On-Call Executive Prostitutes Is Detained After Google Executive Dies From Sex and Drugs OD

Prostitute convicted in Google executive heroin death detained by ICE after ending manslaughter sentence One of Google’s On-Call Executive Prostitutes Is Detained After Google Executive Dies From Sex and Drugs OD   Tweet email       BY Nicole Hensley NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Tuesday, April 4, 2017, 2:57 AM   The ex-call girl convicted … Continue reading

GOOGLE Quietly Silencing the Alternative Media While Pushing To Become “Internet Police”

GOOGLE Quietly Silencing the Alternative Media While Pushing To Become “Internet Police”   Google Intensifies Web Censorship.     A large movement of Independent, Libertarian, Right Wing, and Truth Movement crowd funded content creators, who also depend on Google Adsense revenues, has organically formed on YouTube and it has a massive follwing. The “Alternative Media”.   … Continue reading

Susan Rice Ran Obama’s Dirty Tricks Campaign Using CIA, In-Q-Tel and Google Trickery

Investigative Group Former US Attorney: Susan Rice Ordered Spy Agencies To Produce ‘Detailed Spreadsheets’ Involving Trump Richard Pollock Reporter 10:08 PM 04/03/2017         Former President Barack Obama’s national security adviser Susan Rice ordered U.S. spy agencies to produce “detailed spreadsheets” of legal phone calls involving Donald Trump and his aides when he was running for … Continue reading

April 12, Silicon Valley and Google Are Rising Up To Defeat and Blockade The Trump Administration

Dear friends, In the wake of President Trump’s immigration ban, stepped-up ICE raids and deportation actions, and curbing of refugee resettlement programs, the tech community has been electrified. We’ve seen protests, both spontaneous and planned, erupt in civic spaces and workplaces. The fight for immigration reform and for broadening refugee assistance predates the Trump administration, but … Continue reading

Silicon Valley Is The Greatest Abuser Of Humans In History

UPDATE: Records show deep ties between FBI and BEST BUY Geek Squad… For GOOGLE’s Data Wars, It All Comes Down to Location… Smartphone apps ‘secretly colluding’ to spy on you…

Super SEALs: Elite Units Pursue Brain-Stimulating X-Men Technologies

Super SEALs: Elite Units Pursue Brain-Stimulating X-Men Technologies       Using a product similar to this headset from Halo Neuroscience, the Navy SEAL community is conducting tests on neuro-stimulation technology. (Photo courtesy Halo Neuroscience)   Military.com | 2 Apr 2017 | by Hope Hodge Seck   At a conference near Washington, D.C., in February, … Continue reading

Marvel Comics Own Executives Say That SJW-Political Correctness Ruined Marvel Comics

Marvel Exec Claims Forced ‘Diversity,’ Female-Led Comics Responsible for Slump Home Culture Wars By Emily Zanotti | 12:12 am, April 2, 2017 Marvel Comics has experienced a slump in sales of late, and at least one Marvel executive believes that its the result of catering to social justice warriors instead of comic book fans. David … Continue reading

Obama’s Susan Rice May Be Arrested For Reprisal and Vendetta Attack Operations Against Trump

White House’s Susan Rice: U.S. national security agencies are too white By Dave Boyer – The Washington Times Wednesday, May 11, 2016 In a White House often accused of being stacked with loyalists, President Obama’s national security adviser said Wednesday there are too many white people in key government posts, endangering national security because they … Continue reading

Internet Censorship Around the Globe Being Used To Hide Political Corruption

Internet Censorship Around the Globe Home » Data Visualization and Infographics » Internet Censorship Around the Globe Depending on where you live, free and open access to the information and entertainment found on the internet might seem like more of a right than a privilege. But for folks who live in some of the world’s … Continue reading

People Can’t Run Away From The Crap-Storm That San Francisco Has Become Fast Enough.

46% Of Millennials In San Fran Ready To Move Out; Blame Housing, Traffic & Trump     by Tyler Durden       A growing number of snowflake millennials are saying they can no longer stand to live in the preeminent American ‘safe space’ of San Francisco because the “rent is too damn high”, the … Continue reading

More California Corruption Emerges

Brickbat: Getting the Shaft Charles Oliver|Mar. 31, 2017 4:00 am Rafael Ben Ari / Dreamstime.com A federal jury has awarded $100 million to the operators of a gravel mine after finding that Sacramento County, California, officials put them out of business with legal and regulatory measures in order to benefit a rival company. Three county … Continue reading

The Marin County Corruption Scandal!

The Marin County Corruption Scandal!   – What to do when County officials engage in political reprisals and idealogical vendettas against you!       By Andy Cosgrove and The Marin Alliance       Are public employees who hate Trump, or hate Obama, using their public offices (that your tax dollars pay for) in … Continue reading

What to do when County officials engage in political reprisals against you!

What to do when County officials engage in political reprisals against you!         File public-interest lawsuits for RICO, Civil Rights violations and related corruption charges against the top 10 county administrators, PERSONALLY, the county itself and the attacking investigator, personally, for abuse of office.     Publish a WIKIPEDIA book, ASAP about … Continue reading


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