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How The Justice Blockade Works in America and How To Break Through It

By Aubrey Collins

The Obama Administration and their Silicon Valley Billionaire goons have spent vast amounts of money to make sure that this man never gets to have his day in court. If that day were to come, a number of them would end up in federal prison. Let’s call the man Doug, for discussion purposes.

By “his day in court”, we mean a fair hearing by a jury with a legal team equal to that of the opposition. That has never occurred. Kangaroo and staged Monkey trials by political opposition campaign PR operatives do not count. This guy has never been allowed to have court representation.

The Obama squad hired Gawker Media to make defamation videos and produce character assassination articles about the target. That alone is proof of the rest of the facts.

Gawker Media was the only media outlet on Earth that did this to Doug. Gawker Media was the only outlet on Earth covertly directed by Obama’s staff who were financiers and beneficiaries of the Obama Administration. Gawker Media was the only outlet on Earth who had a certain type of financial and network relationship with Google, who was the main financier and White House staff provider of the Obama Administration. Gawker Media was the only outlet that all of the links and internet data chains traced back to. Gawker Media was the only outlet on Earth to attack the only visible anti-Obama guy in Silicon Valley and EVERY person on the Obama “enemies list”. Gawker Media and Google were the ONLY ENTITIES to exchange staff, cash, stock and networking routes in a manner to seek to sway the Presidential elections. Leaked emails now prove that all of this happened. There are a few hundred other reasons why the finger of factual data points straight through Gawker to Obama. Doug’s associates and peers would love to present those facts in court…if only they could get into court.

Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, was fully aware of these facts. He covered it up and then got kicked to the curb. Now we have a Mr. Jeff Sessions, will he help Doug get his day in court?

In the meantime Doug has helped author books, federal investigations and assisted other people with their lawsuits. The entire incident is one of the most documented instances of corruption in modern history. Millions of pages of news reports and thousands of hours of news video exist about this matter. Doug has watched as others walked away with tens of millions of dollars in damages awards from attacks that Gawker and Google did to them, but Doug has not yet seen a dime.

Why would the Obama White House hire a sleazy gay tabloid operation to run a $30 Million dollar attack on one guy? Because he reported a crime that the Obama Administration engaged in and it resulted in the shut-down of the entire U.S. Department of Energy.

Doug is not only a Gawker Victim, he is a victim of The Justice Blockade. Billionaires can buy a section of the wall in this blockade. You as a “regular person”, cannot get over it, under it or around it. Peter Thiel, Hulk Hogan and a bunch of others had famous friends and big bank accounts but they are not “regular persons”, They got their day in court and won compensation for their damages.

If Doug gets his day in court, the Judge and the jury are going to ask: “So why did Gawker go to all this trouble to try to kill you?”

The answer is that President Obama, and his financiers: Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, Micheal Lynton, John Doerr and Elon Musk were terrified of the bribery and corruption that will be exposed in the response to that question. They had threatened every major law firm and agency that if they took Doug’s case, there would be trouble for the future contracts or finances for those who might help Doug.

So Doug is not a particularly dumb guy and some of his friends have international awards and Nobel prizes. They figured out that taking on a corrupt President of the United States and his Silicon Valley hoodlum buddies might be a daunting task simply because the answer to the court’s question had such impact.

The hoodlums would do anything to keep the answer from seeing the light of day!

So Doug and his friends simply used the game-show Jeopardy to set-up a work-around. Jeopardy! is an American television game show created by Merv Griffin. The show features a quiz competition in which contestants are presented with general knowledge clues in the form of answers, and must phrase their responses in the form of questions. The original daytime version debuted on NBC on March 30, 1964, and aired until January 3, 1975. A weekly nighttime syndicated edition aired from September 1974 to September 1975, and a revival, The All-New Jeopardy!, ran on NBC from October 1978 to March 1979. The current version, a daily syndicated show produced by Sony Pictures Television, premiered on September 10, 1984, and is still airing, making it by far the program’s most successful incarnation. Doug wanted to bring about a successful incarnation of The Justice System.

Doug and his pals documented the answer, pre-distributed it to every journalist, investigator, Congressional staffer and law enforcement entity on DVD’s, cloud-repositories and torrent links and put all of the documented evidence (millions of pages) in every interested persons hands in advance of the asking of the question in a future trial.

Thus, the answer has been given and there is nothing on Earth anyone (or any hoodlum) can do to stop it from getting out. It is “out” in a spectacular way. History can never delete it. It is in millions of digital and physical locations at once and nothing can make it go away.

Doug often reminds folks that “deeds done in darkness always come to light…” Doug and his pals have delivered a light brighter than the sun, and longer lasting, with a glare of transparency that can never be extinguished.

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